Via Firenze 10 - 58022 Follonica (GR)

Pet Friendly Beaches in Follonica

Have you made the fantastic decision to bring your 4-legged friend with you on a beach holiday? In Follonica we love animals and we have free beaches, called “Bau Beach” where they can have fun with you, here they are:

The beach north of the Petraia Torrent, near the Gora bridge

The beach north of the Fosso Cervia, in the Boschetto area

Access to these 2 beaches is completely free, without conditions of race or size and without time constraints, unlike other regulated beaches that allow dogs access to the beach and waters from 7 pm.

From 2018, even your 4-legged friends will be able to clean up from salt water and sand, thanks to the showers dedicated exclusively to them that have been installed in the beaches of Follonica.

You can say that Follonica more than pet friendly, it’s pet lovers!

spiagge a follonica per animali